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Without an English-speaking supervisor on the ground, offshore outsourcing for software development is a cheap way to fail. - Ben Casnocha


Email is a communications medium, not a collaboration medium. When confused as a collaboration tool, efficiency plummets. - Ben Casnocha


90% of all technical problems are related to power and ground. Unplug it, turn it off, check for batteries, etc. - John Kembel


Simple and inexpensive beats complicated and expensive. - Rod Elder


If it jams, force it. If it breaks, it probably needed replacing anyway. - Lowrey's Law


Before you deploy a technology solution make sure you have well-designed and functioning processes that work with current technology or without it. Otherwise your brilliant new solution may

perfectly automate a faulty process and ensure that it (the process) fails every time (a 100% success rate for the technology). - Vladimir Dimitroff


No matter how good you are at your job, if you don't pick up that helpdesk phone within 5 rings, everyone will hate you - K. McCall


A bug which costs $1 to fix on the programmer's desktop costs $100 to fix once it is incorporated into a build, and thousands of dollars if it is identified only after the software has been deployed in the field. - Unknown


Garbage In, Garbage Out -- unknown


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