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In a negotiation, he who cares less, wins. - Anonymous

Counter: In a negotiation, he who prepares best and knows his own and his counterpart's situation best, wins.


Don't go into a negotiation without listing every issue beforehand. Establish an aspiration level, a minimum, and an initial asking price for each issue. - Charles Karrass


If you're planning on doing business with someone again, don't be too tough in the negotiations. If you're going to skin a cat, don't keep it as a housecat. - Marvin Levin

Counter: It's hard to predict when you will run into someone again. It's always better to "leave a little money on the table" than try to "skin a cat."


If you don't like what you're hearing, respond with a question, even if it's no more than "Why are you saying that?" - Mark McCormack


Talk about price last. People have tremendous anxieties about hearing the price, so use preliminary negotiations to get all the auxiliary issues resolved first. Say "If the price is OK, would you be willing to..." - Jay Kaplan


Round numbers beg to be negotiated, usually by counteroffer round numbers. Odd numbers sound harder, firmer, less negotiable. - Mark McCormack


As a buyer approaching a negotiating meeting, be sure to trumpet any bad economic news headlines as much as possible. - Chip Conley


Throw a temper tantrum within the first ten minutes of the negotiating -- nine out of ten times it will effectively intimidate your opponent. - Mark Randall


Successful negotiations are 70% preparation, 20% implementation, and 10% acting. - Robert Olson


Never negotiate on a full stomach. - Victor Antonetti


A negotiation starts when people try to understand why they want something. As long as you don't know this, the deal will always be disapointing for both teams. - Volkan Demir


If negotiations are a regular part of your business, make sure all your negotiators have been to Karrass training.  The amount of anecdotal and just plain bad information about "how to negotiate" provided by supposed experts is staggering. - S Milford


Create value before you demand it. - Gabe Rosen


You will never make more money per hour than when you are negotiating.  - Stephen W. Gibson


The next best choice after Win-Win is No-Deal - Steven Covey








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