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Exercising during the lunch hour makes your afternoon twice as productive. - Grant McLaren


At a business meal, do not turn to business until the meal has been ordered and the menus taken away. - Mark McCormack


There are basically two kinds of meetings: meetings for approval and meetings for idea generation. Be careful not to combine them. - Seth Godin


Always start a meeting with one member of the group telling his or her most embarassing personal experience relating to the subject matter. This tends to lighten up the group and provide for a free flow of information. - Kurt Wilson


There is an inverse correlation between how much someone talks about how busy they are and how busy they actually are. - Ben Casnocha


Add start time and time zone in the title of a calendar entry (e.g. "Phone call with Howard at 9:30 AM PST") to prevent timing confusion when you're traveling and computer time zone changes. - John Kembel


Schedule routine meetings for no more than 15 minutes and start at odd times i.e. 9:06am to 9:21am. - Rod Elder


Traditions are solutions to problems we don't even know about anymore. - Unknown


Any damn fool can lose his temper, control your emotions - Mary Kelly Concannon (deceased)


Good + Done (oft times) = Great - Unknown Harrvard professor to Michael Concannon

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