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Exercising during the lunch hour makes your afternoon twice as productive. - Grant McLaren


At a business meal, do not turn to business until the meal has been ordered and the menus taken away. - Mark McCormack


There are basically two kinds of meetings: meetings for approval and meetings for idea generation. Be careful not to combine them. - Seth Godin


Always start a meeting with one member of the group telling his or her most embarassing personal experience relating to the subject matter. This tends to lighten up the group and provide for a free flow of information. - Kurt Wilson


There is an inverse correlation between how much someone talks about how busy they are and how busy they actually are. - Ben Casnocha


Don't confuse working hard with working smart. Work smart. -Scott Reynolds


There is not necessarily a direct correlation between time spent working and productivity. -Scott Reynolds


Add start time and time zone in the title of a calendar entry (e.g. "Phone call with Howard at 9:30 AM PST") to prevent timing confusion when you're traveling and computer time zone changes. - John Kembel


Schedule routine meetings for no more than 15 minutes and start at odd times i.e. 9:06am to 9:21am. - Rod Elder


Traditions are solutions to problems we don't even know about anymore. - Unknown


Any damn fool can lose his temper, control your emotions - Mary Kelly Concannon (deceased)


Good + Done (oft times) = Great - Unknown Harvard professor to Michael Concannon


Knowledge is the only product which, when sold, remains with the seller. If you sell to me a widget, you have my money but you no longer have that widget, it's mine. If I sell to you some knowledge, I have your money and I still have my knowledge. It even grows in the process as each time you deliver, you learn something new. Because of these attributes, we can afford to (and it is often profitable!) to give knowledge away for free, like this wiki :) - Vladimir Dimitroff


Nothing is impossible for the person who does not have to do it - Old Proverb


"whatever excites you, go do it. whatever scares you, go do it." -- Derek Sivers


Office space needs:

  • Offices: Most full time employees get 70 or 100 sqft. For summer interns, we're planning three interns per large office, 150 sqft.
  • Reception area: 250 sqft.
  • Bookshelves and mailing station: 75-100 sqft.
  • Supply room: 100-200sqft.
  • Server closet: 65 sqft.
  • Lunch room: 30 sqft per employee.
  • Kitchen: 200 sqft
  • Conference room / Lounge: 250 sqft.
  • Shower: 75 sqft


Oftentimes in business, especially small business, you discover that an employee or a customer has stolen from you.  Never accuse the individual unless you have incontrovertible proof.  The damage to your reputation will be far greater if you are wrong than almost anything that was stolen because reputation is the most valuable thing that you have.  -- James Schuman


The length of a reply email should be about as long as the email you received. Short email, write a short reply. Long email, write a long reply. - Dan Schnur








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