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Human Resources

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Get away from job descriptions for employees and instead define the desired end result. Job descriptions should concern output rather than activities. If you cannot describe tangible output, the job should not exist. - James Giardina


"A" players are worth considerably more than the market values them; in other words, always pay more than market rates to land an "A" player over a "B" player. - Ben Casnocha


Give everyone a title. Nothing pleases mankind as much and costs as little. Give everyone their own coffee cup. - Jerry Favretto


Assign people expected to produce creative work to easygoing supervisors. - International Management


First-rate men hire first-rate men...second-rate men hire third-rate men...these third-rate men will then employ the bulk of your company's employees and they tend to select fourth-rate people. - Richard M. White


Reinforcement ought to be specific, incorporating as much information content as possible. Reinforcement should have immediacy. Reinforcement should be unpredictable and intermittent. - B.F. Skinner


Paying average performers the same as high performers is the most effective demotivator of high performers. - Robert Hencault


Roughly 70% of all chronic absence is alcohol or drug related. - Dr. Daniel Lancer


The best person you interview isn't necessarily the best person for the job. - Robert Half


Never hire a salesman you'd want your daughter to marry. - Eugene Webb


Don't accept a job offer without sleeping on it. - Paul Hellman


A bad reference is as hard to find as a good employee. - Robert Half


Hire values and attitude, the rest will be easy to get. - Pedro Visintin


When did humans become resources anyway? - Ruben Meulenberg


'Our most valuable asset are our people' is a standard phrase in everyone's Vision or Mission Statement. At best, some may laugh about it, but nobody believes in it. Ban that sentence from official documents; instead, try to act as if it was true. - Vladimir Dimitroff


Employees respond to respect by giving respect.  All team-based personnel management advise is based in this.  After they have received a fair wage for an honest day's work, all that your employees are seeking is respect. -- James Schuman



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