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Time is money. - Anonymous


Stratify suppliers into those that: a) must be paid currently, b) accept late payment occassionally, c) take late payment as a matter of informal policy. - James Wicker


Offering a discount if the payee pays within a certain period of time is the most effective way of accelerating payment of an invoice. - Ben Casnocha


All financial models built of a start-up projecting more than 6 months in the future are guaranteed to be grossly inaccurate. - Ben Casnocha


If a start-up company's monthly total expenses is more than $20-25k / employee / month, it's running rich. When it achieves some economies of scale, it should be more like $15k/employee/month. - John Kembel


Rapid growth strips businesses of cash. How fast can a business grow? A quick estimate is to divide the operating cash flow divided by net working capital (or how much net cash each sale produces divided by the cash investment in working capital each dollar in sales requires). By changing A/R, A/P, production and inventory policies and even payroll timing, a business can significantly alter its cash sustainable growth rate. - S Milford


Return on Invested Time (ROIT) is just as important as monetary Return on Investment (ROI). Money is plentiful; time is not. - Josh Kaufman
























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