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The less time and money it takes to start and manage a company, the more likely it is to succeed. First-time entrepreneurs are better off pursuing ideas they can implement handily. - Robert Kessler


Don't use your personal name as part of the business name of a new company, as this protects you in case the company fails and protects you against disagreeable business practices of a future purchaster. - Chase Revel


Before going into a partnership with someone, spend time with them in three different kinds of situations: a relaxing one, a competitive one, and an intellectually stimulating one. - Joan Kelly


Before entering into a partnership, do everything possible to hire those skill sets you need before sharing equity to get them. Retaining equity is huge. - Scott Reynolds


Choose carefully your first people in starting a business. Make sure they have quality as humans, that they are more qualified than yourself, and that at least one has already been successful. - James Treybig


The idea for a new venture is likely to be strategically unsound if it can't be put into one coherent sentence. - Kenichi Ohmae


The chances of success of a new company are generally greater with two full-time partners rather than a solo entrepreneur. - Professor Arnold Coooper


An entrepreneur is somebody who steals office supplies from home and brings them into work. - Auren Hoffman


More companies fail by being too early to a market than too late. - Ben Casnocha


An entrepreneur knows it doesn't need to be perfect before you go and sell it. Ask youself "Would I let my Mum or Dad use it?". If the answer is yes, ship it! (Thanks to Guy Kawasaki)


'Having vision' means 'being able to look back at where you are now' - Ruben Meulenberg


Frustration is good, it slowly turns into vision. Act on vision, not frustration. - Ruben Meulenberg


Before starting anything, tell yourself how you want it to end. - Ruben Meulenberg


Entrepreneurs have an inherent arrogance that gives them the courage to believe they can succeed, where business majors, attorneys and engineers see too many risks.  That is both a blessing and a curse. - S Milford


Do not give up; the beginning is always the hardest. - Today's fortune cookie (really - Scott Hampton)


When assessing whether to make an investment or take an action in your business, it is always wise to ask yourself the question, How and to what extent will this enhance my reputation?  You will find yourself undertaking many actions that seem to offer no monetary reward if your reputation improves as a result of them.  Over time your business will grow because of this. -- James Schuman



















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