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Customer Service

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Customers feel better when their complaints are handled by someone who appears to have a high standing in the organization. - Robert Townsend


In dealing with community groups, you must allow the groups to have a pound of flesh in the first meeting (let them shit all over you). Once they have voiced their anger they'll be more trusting. - Kirk Hanson


Perception is all there is. If the customer think he's right, he's right. - Tom Peters



    Counter Rule: It's not always worth it to bend over backwards to a customer who think he's right. There are costs associated with pleasing to perfection. - Ben Casnocha



    Counter-counter rule: It's always worth it! When you know the customer isn't right, first take the blame then explain to her what she did wrong to ruin her product. - Vladimir Dimitroff


    Comment: Perception can be changed - Phil Knight


It is possible to tell a customer "no", and have the customer thank you for doing it - Phil Knight


Delivering service with sincerity leads to loyalty - Phil Knight


Learn to love your complaining customers (many service reps and managers hate them) - they are telling you what's wrong with your company's product or process, helping you to improve because they want to stay. Beware of those who don't complain and switch to a rival (and tell the world how bad you are). - Vladimir Dimitroff


Contactors and pregnant women_: Trying to prepare homeowners for the stress of renovation does not always work, Mr. Bawden says; women in their third trimester of pregnancy, for example, can be “insanely picky.”

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