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Business Strategy

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Objectives should be activities, not abstract financials. - Tom Peters


Fast-growing companies generally run into trouble at about $10 million in sales (when management's needs outstrip the founder's capacity). They run into trouble again at about $40 million in sales, when professional management techniques usually need to be installed. - Boardroom Reports


Don't worry about trends. The best successes often lie in redefining dormant businesses. - Tom Peters


The more you focus on competition, the more you will lose on creating customer value. - Volkan Demir


Execution is much more important than strategy: 100% implementation of 50% of a strategy will always outperform 50% implementation of 100% of a strategy. - Milford Consulting


A successful strategy depends upon accurate intelligence about ALL aspects of a business environment. Few businesses have the luxury or the resources to accurately gather that intelligence in a timely manner. This is also why so many "strategy driven" businesses succeed only temporarily -- they do not spot or adapt to market evolutions and developing trends. - S Milford


Opportunism is a legitimate strategy. If survival/success of a business is your goal, it is foolish not to respond to opportunities that are not being addressed by competitors. - S Milford


Strategy cannot overcome fundamentals. The best strategy in the world will not overcome crappy products, repulsive salesforce, assholes in customer service, or an employee base that is busy trying to find jobs elsewhere. - S Milford


The best businesses in the world focus their time and energy on creating, not competing. - Josh Kaufman


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