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Ads with people in them score higher. - Starch Research


When writing an ad, use sentences of no more than twelve words. - David Ogilvy


It takes the average consumer nine exposures to an ad before the ad is readily remembered. - Jay Conrad Levinson


Black text on a white background is better read than white type reversed on a black background. - David Ogilvy


When developing a print ad, don't lose sight of the fact that the ad needs to be readable. If your graphic designer treats your text like another art element and makes it hard to read, don't be afraid to challenge their design concept. -Scott Reynolds


People like relevant ads. If you're not relevant, you're an annoyance. - Ben Casnocha


Ads are usually focused on getting attention. Can you build something that makes them come and see instead the other way around? - Volkan Demir


50% of all advertising is useless. We just don't know which 50%. - David Ogilvy


"Half of my advertising is wasted, and the trouble is, I don't know which half."


William Hesketh Lever (1821-1925), The Lever soap king.  - Kimberly Dawson



If your ad is not interesting, it's irrelevant. - Josh Kaufman



Whisper, don't shout !  Don't try to outshout everyone, the audience is already deaf from the noise; whisper in the right ears and your message will travel far and spread wide in today's connected world. - Vladimir Dimitroff




































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